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Thursday, April 7, 2011

my new bestie =)

wednesday 6th April 2011

thank Allah..4 a long time i wish to have egyptians as my bestie
n0w U make my dream c0mes true
its not dat i never talk to egyptian
but after dat i did not recognise them anymore
hhaha..wat de?? :p

n0w..3 of them
from faculty science nearby my faculty.faculty of medicine zagazig Uni

jz finished lecture anat0my n decided to go home alone,

"may i kn0w ur name"
"nice name.........can we b friends pliz.i wanna have fren from malayzia"


we talk very much... :p
n they said i am too shy to speak to them
i rep : my english didnt as well as u thought
haha.serve my right didnt practise speaking english
even i take soo many time to translate my question spontaneous into english

i ask them to teach me arabic
well...they r very xcited to teach me
they said : i want u meshi arabic giddan ! so that u can understand us
haha.insya Allah sis :)

i'm not very well today.n they gv me a call
was very happy to hear they r all laughing n hepi to hear my voice
then make me smile after 1 day having fever :'(

they want to read hadith2 4 me..n i am very glad 
bcoz at least they speak english n i can kn0w it well 

so 4 last.i h0pe they are going to b my egyptian bestie <3
aim : want speak arabic properly insya Allah :)